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End to end business solutions

We have developed a solution for Transactional Business which fully addresses the Money Cycle (issuer and acquirer) which allows for the following:

Business processes management
Integrating us with the several agents involved in incoming and outgoing transaction flow, managing business processes (preparation, processing and release).

Administrative management and monitoring delivery
By providing front-end modules allowing us to control administrative management in different stages, creating rules, notifications, audits and monitoring.

Multi-channel and universal applicability services orientation
Our solutions integrate all the services in several channels, such as company channel, funds network, electronic banking and tellers. At the same time, our developments can be used on several platforms such as IVR, hand held devices, internet, PDA, POS, ATM and self-service.

Financial ecosystem recognition and integration
Our service philosophy is based on the real contact of professionals with customers. We maintain our knowledge force updated following the needs and requirements of our clients in the varying projects we work on.


The technology to simplify your business is our language.


PayStudio processing

Processing platforms for credit, debit, prepaid and corporate card issuers.

PayStudio merchant

We provide a wide range of solutions to accept card payments in stores, by phone, Internet and other channels.
Risk management

PayStudio risk management

Analytical and comprehensive solutions for fraud administration, oriented to detect, prevent, analyze and monitor different payment channels.
Payments and collections

PayStudio payments and collections

We have the ideal solution for your commercial customers.

PayStudio ATM

Complete solutions for your ATM network, from transaction switch, to network maintenance.
Digital Banking

BankStudio digital banking

Digital solutions so you can offer financial services.