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PayGroup, a Chilean-based group that emerged from the integration of EFT Group and uruguayan PayTrue, is the leading company in the development of transactional, payment, collection, card core (credit / debit / prepaid) solutions, Fraud and AML (Anti money laundering) with presence in more than 15 countries in Latin America.

With 20 years of experience, the company was born with a group of entrepreneurial engineers who detected a need in the financial industry and developed a successful business idea, from which they were able to build a company that today competes in the most complex markets of the Region and is a leader in Latin America.

The company's beginnings date back to 1995, when industrial civil engineer Raúl Del Castillo founded his own company, EFT Group, to solve a "problem" of technology faced by important chilean banks. Since then PayGroup has had a leading role in the development of transactional financial services in Chile, with various innovations and electronic solutions that have changed different industries, improving the experience of end users and allowing the implementation of new business models that are currently being replicated at the regional level (eg Tax Payment, Service Accounts, Social Laws and others, all in online mode).

In October 2003, PayGroup integrated Getronics Chile, a subsidiary of the Dutch multinational specialist in IT systems and solutions.

In the same year 2003, PayTrue solutions was born in Uruguay, an export company of payment media software that develops solutions for fraud prevention and card management systems. PayTrue quickly acquired the status of an international company by consolidating important projects in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other countries in the region.

In 2011, Mater Investment Fund acquired 51% of PayGroup, and in 2013 the new shareholders of the company, in search of new business opportunities and to promote the company's internationalization process in the region, purchase the Uruguayan company PayTrue. The integration of both companies has allowed PayGroup to position itself as a regional company, offering a wide range of complementary services, making great difference between its competitors with an integrated product offering.

Just in Chile the company processes more than 20 million monthly transactions through its payment and collection systems in outsourcing mode, and another 350 million monthly transactions in systems installed in the different clients of the region.

In 2017 PayGroup is acquired by Evertec, Inc. (NYSE: EVTC) a leading full-service transaction processing business in Latin America, providing a broad range of merchant acquiring, payment processing and business solutions services. The Company manages a system of electronic payment networks that process more than 2.1 billion transactions annually, and offers a comprehensive suite of services for core bank processing, cash processing and technology outsourcing. In addition, EVERTEC owns and operates the ATH® network, one of the leading personal identification number (“PIN”) debit networks in Latin America. Based in Puerto Rico, the Company operates in 19 Latin American countries and serves a diversified customer base of leading financial institutions, merchants, corporations and government agencies with “mission-critical” technology solutions.



Through the history of our company, there are several remarkable milestones:

1995: EFTGroup is formed, aimed at the development of solutions for electronic transactional processing in the financial industry.
1996: We create the first transactional engine in Chilean Banking.
1999: Creation of the Electronic bill payment system.
2000: We began the services of the first Online Payment Button in Chile.
2001: We developed the first internet Banking platform in Chile.
2003: Foundation of PayTrue, a company that seeks to respond to the constant demand of flexible and agile global solutions required for the payment media business.
2004: We began Business operations with VISA, as fraud prevention solutions provider.
2005: We initiate our Financial BPO services.
2007: We become credit and prepaid system solutions providers for FIS Brazil.
2008: We created our Collection Hub, a product that simplifies collection for large companies.
We develop the first joint Project with ABM to detect compromise points in the Mexican banking industry.
We are joined by Mater Investment fund.
2012: We created the Commerce payment button product.
The Uruguayan company PayTrue, joins efforts with EFTGroup
We incorpórate as active members of the PCI Council.
2014: PayStudio SecureTX gets the certification of PA-DSS standard new version.
2015: EFTGroup and PayTrue create PayGroup, a unique company with an integrated offer of products and services capable of competing with multinational companies.
2017: PayGroup is acquired by Evertec, increasing in this way the solutions and services portfolio, the presence in Latin America and the company support. PayGroup acquires its new identity: PayGroup an Evertec Company



Our team is formed of over 320 professionals in the global operation, with training in key aspects of our customers' business areas and the use of the newest technologies available.


Our service philosophy is based on our professionals contact with our customers which allows us to maintain updated knowledge and detailed records of all the needs and requirements for the different projects we tackle.

Additionally, we assure technical excellence in our service, always aimed at providing the best results for our customers. Planning ahead, we keep an active Development and Innovation team, with dedicated resources, and being led by experienced Professionals. This allows us to evaluate and assimilate new technologies that benefit our customers promptly.

  • PCI Council active member.
  • Operative force of the tokenization area.
  • Intellectual property owner of SecureTX, specialized product to reduce PCI scope (PA-DSS Compliant).
  • First acquirer monitoring system implementation in LATAM.
  • First DUKPT implementation in Brazil.
  • First EMV Full DDA implementation in LATAM.
  • Enterprise Hub and Collection products.
  • Mobile payments with SecureTX.



We are AT-801 (ex SAS 70) certified, as an accredited provider to operate with banks, retailers, and utility companies.

We have updated technology contingency plans available to assure the compliance of good risk administration practices from banks. As well as the requirements outlined for “Service Externalization” (Bank Circular N. 3.430, chapter 20-7) issued by the Banks and Financial institutions Superintendence (SBIF) in Chile.

PA-DSS standard certified for PayStudio SecureTX solution