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PayStudio cards

A quick way to manage payment media, completely and securely is essential for companies in the financial industry who seek to stand out in a highly competitive and changing market.

To solve market needs PayGroup developed PayStudio Cards which provide solutions that assist companies (banks, retailers, processors, acquirers and issuers) to solve, improve or add tools to manage media payment, whether they be standard credit or debit card solutions; or managing new products such as prepaid cards (physical and virtual) in a corporate or individual way, voucher systems, chargeback management, mobile payments or updating existing systems.

The PayStudio Cards platform works with all technologies on the market: Band, SDA Chip, DDA Chip, Contactless, Mobile.

Credit, debit and prepaid (Issuer and Acquirer)

Full and comprehensive solution that enhances each customers’ businesses.

Authorization and switching

Powerful authorizing solution and transactional switch (issuer and acquirer): multi-channel, simple creation of rules, real time, Stand-in (includes SAF).