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Integral and advanced solution for all processes that require different implementations for acquirers and multi-acquirers in any of their scopes. Provides all the interfaces for configuration, operation, administration and management reports that are required and the complete management of merchants, controlling the integrity of balance processes and reporting management and essential financial position for proactive management and maximum profitability in the Acquirer business.

Features and differences

PayStudio is a modular solution that can incorporates features that best suit the customer's reality, providing great flexibility and scaling for the customer’s business.

PayStudio Acquirer Commercial is the module responsible for the complete management of merchants, allowing the Acquirer to register, consult and support merchants and their branches with details of internal organization; manage contracts, settlement, payment and billing flexibly, as well as the possibility to make advances to merchants; monitor integrity of balance processes and generate reports for Management and Financial Position essential for a management that is proactive and of maximum profitability for an acquired business.

PayStudio Acquirer Transaction is the module responsible for the administration of transactions at an Acquirer level, particularly highlighting the advanced functionality for generating posting or pricing for each movement in Merchant accounts. It also contains the necessary steps to manage authorization, confirmation, disputes and differences adjustment tools.

PayStudio Acquirer Biz Configuration is the module where all the features of an acquiring business are configured, from commercial conditions governing agreements, settlement models, services, promotions, rules for each category of the system: accounting, pricing (pricing trees), collections and services, among others. Allows, at screen-level, to define taxes fares and charges that apply to business as well as related products.

PayStudio Institutions is the module that manages fares and amounts charged to a merchant to be bound by the participating institutions. We call participating institutions, the Brand, the individual Issuer, owners of ATMs, and third parties that are part of the business. This module allows you to obtain daily and monthly closing for each institution that is part of the business, simplifying inspection and clearance of the parties.

Allows to incorporate rules to define the taxes applied to each of the generated movements facilitating the subsequent settlement of institutions with state taxing entities e.g., generating accounting reports, balance sheets, and other information required by the institution for balance processes among others.

PayStudio Acquirer Chargeback, is highly flexible and fully configurable by the user, which is essential in the system for evaluation, validation and processing of a chargeback, which is handled through dispute management.

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