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Combines in an integral and advanced way all Issuer (or multi-Issuer) processes that require different implementations in any one of its scopes, providing all the interfaces for configuration, operation, administration and management reports required in high complexity businesses. Allows unlimited issuance of original and differential payment media, from its usability point of and its possibilities of introducing variants and promotions to the existing portfolio, improving the competitiveness of the issuer from multiple points of view. Its main products are grouped into CREDIT, DEBIT, and PREPAID CORPORATE variants.

Features and differences

PayStudio is a modular solution that can incorporate features to suit the customer's reality, providing great flexibility and scaling for the customer’s business.

PayStudio Issuer Biz Configuration is the module that allows to configure all business products. Features, sales plans, coins, usage controls, rules for different categories making up the balance and minimum payment of an account; affinity groups, blocking matrix and status of a card. As part of the maintenance of products can be added, copied, modified and removed.

PayStudio Customer Management is the module responsible for managing customers, products and payment media. It allows customer to consolidate their different products.

PayStudio Credit Management is responsible for managing credit accounts for different products defined in the system module. Through its use, system administrators can fully manage credit accounts, including details of the holder, credit lines assigned to an account; overdraft eventualities or exceptions; complete settlement considering interest rates, minimum payment and closing cycles; and an extensive collection of queries implemented using multiple strata filters.

PayStudio Chargeback Issuer, is a module for the management of complaints considering its origination and representations if necessary. It allows you to manage the lifetime of the chargeback.

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