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Solution focused on different institutions, companies and / or networks of businesses that wish to issue and process their own prepaid cards, whether GiftCards or Stored Values, enabling cardholders to make purchases at affiliate merchants.

Features and differences

The system developed by PayTrue is based on the PayStudio Cards & Payments Solutions platform, and offers the flexibility to adapt to different business verticals that the market demands. Both Personal prepaid and the PayStudio Prepaid platform have all the features required for the proper administration of potential business products.

One of the main differences of PayStudio Prepaid Platform is the ease in defining the varying products allowing for their customization.

It allows the full management of prepaid accounts, including details of the cardholder, recharges, business rules, rates and queries.

For each product different groups of data are configured:

  • Acceptance networks
  • Products
  • Channels permitted
  • Product rates
  • Setting payment options for each payment media
  • Parameters
  • Configuration codes
  • General product table
  • Event for accounting

PayStudio Prepaid Corporate: is an option that allows a company or government as a customer to meet different objectives within its organization, either administer, control use or grant subsidies, incentives to employees, suppliers and / or partners.

Interfaces Bulk Load: Designed for joint operation of multiple companies or entities on the same platform, the system makes the necessary interfaces available for mass load of information, e.g., high and low monthly payments, balances reissues or refills.

Configurable User Profile: The platform allows the head of the company or government entity to set authorizations in the use of media payment (state percentage of credit line) according to the company, functional area, department or environment, assigning credit at every level, and incorporating the configuration criteria such as validity, travel destination or types of merchants that can be accepted. For example, you can set up a travel card to be active only during a pre-set period.

Classification of Transactions via Web: The system provides web access for the cardholder to check their transactions and categorize transactions into personal expenses, business expenses, etc., to facilitate settlement of each card and customer billing to companies, among other features.

State of Card: The system permits enabling or disabling a card at any time.

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