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Direct debit

Allows the issuer (banks, retails, others) to offer to their customers companies automatic collection through the direct debit, in their own payment media as of other issuers through the local clearing house, both accounts or cards. The holder of the payment media is allowed to sign a mandate / affiliation, agreeing to pay a bill or debt of a service company under an automatic discount. To the client companies, it allows them to send billing collection files in batch or online mode, so that they are automatically charged to the payers who have subscribed mandates.


  • Mandates (affiliation) income and management.
  • Income and processing debts.
  • Charges generation over Payment media.
  • Return reception and clearing.
  • Companies settlement and report.


  • Provides a single point of integration for the complete management of the automatic collection.
  • Flexibility in affiliation mode: Required, Optional, automatic.
  • It allows processing multiple billing cycles and adapting to the processing windows of the local clearing house.
  • It allows the simple creation of formats for communication with companies and related entities (invoicing, report, others).
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