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PayStudio risk center

Fraud in several fields, channels and businesses is a plague which affects financial institutions regardless of their size or market share. PayStudio Risk Center is a suite of analytical and comprehensive tools for fraud management, aimed at detecting, preventing, analyzing and monitoring fraud in different payment channels. It is based on flexible modules that can be adapted to specific needs, interacting - if necessary- with other existing systems.

Powerful detection engine based on hybrid models of rules and predictive models, including the final customer in monitoring using multichannel notifications. Multi-issuer, multi-acquirer, multi-channel, multi currency, automatic actions, variables of unlimited accumulation, automatic handling of lists.

Transactional monitoring online (issuer and acquirer)

Allows online transactional monitoring for both financial and non-financial transactions in real time; and immediate treatment of alerts in a full environment console that is also analyst friendly.

Points of compromise

Solution responsible for managing the cases of compromise once detected, with special emphasis on the management of compromised accounts and corresponding actions on them.