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Advanced console

PayStudio Advanced Console is a complete working console for risk analysts which verifies every possibly fraudulent transaction arriving to the system from multiple sources. The console allows an easy single tool to gather all that is needed to work on each alert from different perspectives (basic account information, cardholders and merchants, extended information, statistics, historical and transactional alerts) with a job workflow that is simple for users to use.

Features and advantages

  • Security Administration: the tool allows the definition of multiple roles, allowing one user to have one or more roles, thus restricting the operations that can be performed and the information they can access; also keeping a record (log) of the actions taken by each of the users and roles.
  • Multiple Queues Care and Distribution Rules: In your working interface, Analyst Alerts are displayed in different attention rows, fully configurable to the context of each institution. The system allows to freely create as many rows as required, you can restrict the visibility of each row to different analysts, create rules for automatic routing updates to rows pre-defined, allowing an automated organization of work of the analyst.
  • Automatic actions: Risk Center connects external services by simply transferring the customer's own part of the task and monitoring or blocking devices or media payment. On a same transaction it can generate a warning and / or SMS and / or e-mail, and / or lock or unlock, or any other action that is configured to be executed by an external service invocation. The invocation of these actions can be performed at the time of processing a transaction as well as from the treatment of an alert, further enhancing functionality.
  • Confidentiality: The console provides a fully secure, confidential and independence to work on alerts for multiple entities at the same time. The system allows you to restrict the display of certain organizations’ alerts for certain users; being a differentiating characteristic e.g.: for processing that alerts that may have different treatment for each institution on one unified platform.
  • Work and efficiency reports: All analysts’ activities are logged in an associated relational database, which keeps record of cases and events, allowing the creation of reports at any moment in time; to meet the productivity of one or a set of users, the speed of the computer and the verification of compliance with standards.
  • Single, centralized view: Alerts are grouped into cases that are handled centrally by analysts avoiding multiple processing alerts for the same context by different analysts.
  • Scheduled for treatment: the system allows scheduling of cases and alerts that are being worked on to be treated in the future by creating alarms and reminders that appear on the user's work console.
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