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Detection engine

PayStudio Detection Engine is a fraud detection monitoring tool, and generator of alerts, notifications and events for transactions in a multi-channel environment, offering hybrid analysis with the latest industry technologies, combining artificial intelligence, behavior analysis, hazard, exception and control rules.

Features and differences

  • Issuer & Acquirer: Performs the evaluation of all models and rules of issuer and acquirer characteristics together to create an economy of scale with very important resources, allowing similar cases to be alerted and analyzed by card or by customer, by terminal or entity.
  • Multichannel & Flexchannel: PayStudio Risk Center has incorporated the ability to monitor transactions from different financial sources (with or without card) in conjunction with non-financial transactional sources (queries, updates, applications, etc.). The flexchannel technology provides the ability to model any entity with fields that are necessary for monitoring.
  • Automatic actions: For maximum efficiency, Risk Center connects external services simply so you can perform other tasks besides the traditional alerts generation, allowing customers to cooperate with the institution in detecting potential fraud situations. The Detection Engine invokes external services automatically responding to user-defined settings.
  • High Availability: High availability is built into the design of the system, allowing horizontal growth without the need to incorporate special infrastructure or the use of clusters.
  • Automatic handling of lists: One of the most necessary features to maintain system updated is the correct management of exceptions and use of lists that allow mapping of the same; allowing the same rules to make the management of lists in an automated manner, enabling the inclusion or exclusion of values according to the needs of the operation, always ensuring updated lists.
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