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POC pointer

PayStudio POC Pointer is a tool which detects points of compromise and complicit test Points, business level of remarkable effectiveness and proven performance in real environments in analyzing large volumes of information.


Deep Research: Typically from confirmed fraudulent transactions, cross inspects the activity associated with the involved fraud, establishing multiple complex regressions, determination of statistical profiles and their deviations, usage index by country or region, determining with great precision, the strongest Point of Compromise (POC research evidence).

Refined analysis: Analysis capability allows you to reach terminal level, typically a cashier or particular POS, perfecting analysis well above other tools, attacking the compromise not only in terms of trade but pointed directly to the place where information is compromised.

Complete information: PayStudio POC Pointer provides genuine evidence based in latter research fields, associating each POC to all related information. Their Visual Mining tools provide Fraud Analysts with a complete set of visual tools to identify compromised periods and spots, to analyze related cases and their interdependence in different perspectives, identify compromised accounts and generating complete information for case management (rates, significant variables, affected transactions).

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