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RMW Advanced

This is a system for detecting and preventing omni-channel fraud, with the advanced capacity for detection and ability to function with external systems that notify and block transactions, as well as bring suspicious cases to the attention of system users. Coverage extends to Emisor, Adquirente, Banco as well as eCommerce. It is directed at institutions that have recently begun implementing fraud prevention or are responding to security breaches, or those who must comply with standards from regulatory agencies and/or security standards enacted by card providers, and are in need of solutions that are compatible with PCI-DSS.

Features and Characteristics

  • The user has the option of creating a profile that defines his or her particular behavioral variables, and which is therefore able to detect any unusual changes.
  • The dual rule editor allows the user to create graphic or written rules, allowing even the non-technical user to perform functions and providing the advanced user with an environment where he or she may work comfortably, using intellisense and autocomplete.
  • Decision trees simplify the process of configuring rules and allow users to create catalogues of segmented rules, for example with payment channels and the presence or absence of a bank card, thereby maintaining the model of detection´s visual order.
  • Automatic actions are taken simultaneously when a suspicious case or lack of compliance is detected. These may have multiple outcomes, such as sending a notification or blocking a transaction.
  • The online simulator has the same power and information as detection services, and it also provides similar reports, thereby allowing comparison between the simulation and actual detection.
  • Work is organized in rows or portfolios, which simplifies the operation and management of different cases and may authorize or restrict user access. It also allows the user to choose which fields to see and in what order.
  • Full compliance with PCI regulation, use of tokenization through the tool PayStudio Secure TX.
  • Rules governing distribution and prioritization automatically organize cases in different folders of the treatment console. Moreover, the user can prioritize cases based on different criteria in just one click.
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