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Smart analyzer

PayStudio Smart Analyzer is a tool that analyzes the effectiveness of the detection model set by the user without interfering with the atmosphere of case management and alerts, enhancing detection capabilities through two simulation components:

  • Sandbox: Provides a simulation scenario parallel to productive detection to verify the performance of new versions of rules or detection models, and know how much would be rejected or alerted, providing the ability to reuse the same variables and neural models within simulation without affecting the performance and processing times.
  • What-if: Once fraud is known, it makes sense to have the ability to create new models of detection and simulate how they had been detected with this model. This tool has the ability to recreate, in the simulation, all matters relating to the transaction at the original time it was processed, including values for the behavioral variables.

Features and differences

  • Copy and move rules in a simple way: Analysts can move and copy rules freely between simulators or between productive and simulation environments whenever needed.
  • Complete set of graphical reports on simulation and production environments: It allows homogeneous assay performance models and rules and reports that can be used a comparison between simulation environments and / or simulation and production.
  • Generation of samples: For the “what-if” analysis the system has the ability to generate scenario-specific transactional samples to be studied in a simple way, with visual interfaces that enable more efficient use of detection resources.
  • Management of execution in “what-if”: The system allows control, in detail, of the execution of simulation processes enabling “what-if” to stop or restart according to the needs and availability of detection resources.
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