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Secure TX

PayStudio® SecureTX is a complete tokenization system specifically designed to reduce the scope of the PCI DSS standard by preventing card numbers from reaching other systems. It works as a middleware tokenizer that isolates the internal system out from the PCI DSS scope through the substitution of sensitive information with tokens.

Main features

Format preservation: SecureTX has built-in the ability to maintain the format of the tokenized value so that by replacing the original value with a similar one that, does not cause formatting problems to existing systems.

Combined Technologies: The latest generation of data encryption technologies backed by leading manufacturers on the market is used to store sensitive data.

SecureTX - Tecnologías Combinadas

Flexibility in integration: SecureTX has the ability to use virtually any type of communication channel in a variety of formats and has been integrated with standard file formats in the payment media industry.

PA-DSS: PA-DSS Certified to further simplify its certification and guarantee the quality of the product.

User-friendly configuration: "SecureTX Visualizer", an application that supports the configuration activities of SecureTX, provides a graphical and friendly visualization of the channels and routes defined in its configuration files of SecureTX. The viewer is ideal for use as a tool to create, understand or document the SecureTX configuration. The product counts, like all solutions, with the backing of PayGroup and offers support provided by technical and business experts (http://www.paygroup.com/en/our-services.).

SecureTX - Configuración Amigable

SecureTX - Configuración Amigable

Compatibility: SecureTX is compatible with the major manufacturers and models of HSM standard of the market, uses it to store keys and acts like middleware for the rest of the components of the organization.

Software: SecureTX is integrated by two components of Software, on the one hand a switch that is responsible for the integration and, on the other a tokenizer module that is responsible for tokenization and detokenization.


  • Rapid decrease in the scope of the PCI standard, simplifying business operation.
  • Collaborates in reducing the costs of PCI DSS certification as well as the annual costs of re-certification.
  • It is a software tool, therefore it allows vertical and horizontal growth with lower costs and much simplicity.